• lindos

    Lindos – Rhodes

    Lindos is a stroke of dazzling white on the rugged and barren slopes of the coastal mountain. The city, built in the sixth century BC, was one of the ...

  • 1.rodi

    The Ancient City of Rhodes

    Rhodes has been inhabited for over 2400 years. The old city was built in 408 BC. The medieval part of the city is the city of the Knights of St. John,...

  • kalithea10

    Kalithea thermes

    Not far from town, on the east coast, you can find this eastern-style work by the architect Pietro Lombardi that is a reminder of the Italian occupati...

  • colosso

    Colossus of Rhodes

    Colossus of Rhodes The famous Colossus of Rhodes (305 BC), one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was a statue of Helios, the God of the sun, in cast ...

  • hamam

    Hamam (Turkish bath) in Rhodes

    The Turkish baths were built by Mustapha Pasha in 1765. For decades it was an important spot of relaxation for the eastern nobility while now they are...

Welcome to Rhodes!

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands, and is the capital. It was once part of the Roman and Byzantine Empires, before being conquered by the Knights of St. John, who occupied Rhodes from 1306 to 1522.

Close to the Turkish coast, Rhodes was an important maritime crossroads in the eastern Aegean sea. Under the Greeks, the Byzantines, the Knights and the Ottomans, the island became a sort of free port populated by many ethnic groups. Like other islands in the Dodecanese, Rhodes became part of modern Greece only in 1948, five years after the end of the long Italian domination, whose signs can be noticed almost everywhere even today…[Read more]